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29 Nov 2013 by In Artisti

Digital & Design artists born in Asuncion, Paraguay the 27th August 1990. With a German/Canadian father and a Paraguayan mother. I have 3 other siblings, i´m #2.
I started with digital art when i was 15, but only in 2010 started to get better in skills and quality. The first time i saw this type of art (photo manipulation) was in 2005 after finding a artist in the random section there, named Ana Fagarazzi who showed an amazing gallery, full of things i have never seen before. I got inspired and intrigued by this so i started to research & try everything.

I joined in 2005 but changed my profile in 2010 because that’s when i started to post my real works there. I gained popularity after my first Daily Deviation awarded in that site, after that, things have escalated to have more than 1900 watchers and friends 🙂  I decided to make this website so i can share my works with all people around the world, instead of only the DA community. And to advertise my skills and services to people around me. Thanks to this i have costumers every day, to create something for them starting from photos & resources they send me.
After i got married in 2009, I started to stay at home more than normal because of the work I had online, so this made me dificult to go out to the social world. I lack ability to socialize or talk on the phone with people since then, i think i lost contact with the world too much and made me morbidly shy.

My skills come from many hours and days reading and watching tutorials about digital painting & photo retouches. I developed my own style & started to get attention among the gothic/dark lovers around DA. The artists that I adore & look forward to reach are: Luis Royo, Dorian Cleanvenger, Victoria Frances and several DA users.
Most of the themes and colors i create come from Dreams or nightmares i have, many times after reading a book or watching a movie, i wake up in the middle of the night to write down what i dreamed before i forget.
I love to read novels by Christine Feehan. They are the best in romance, passion and information about myths and legends. I’m also a photographer and dresses designer.
The tools I use are Photoshop CS6-Extended, wacom tablet Intuos4 medium, Macbook pro with retina display, & occasionally a little of Lightroom 4.
All the works displayed are (c) protected Jessica Dueck.

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